Meditation creates an opportunity to raise your consciousness, connect to your heart, honour yourself and have a clearer perspective on both your internal and external world.

As a daily practice it can help increase your ability to cope with stress, have clearer and more positive thinking and give you more joy and purpose in life.

60mins | $75 | Paper & Notes included

Learn a traditional art form that brings the mind into focus, practises patience, persistence and being present in the moment to sit and create. Become more aware of being the observer but most of all learn how to make the practise of mindfulness creative!

60mins | $75 | Notes included

The breath is my most practiced form of self-healing and an invaluable tool to that allows me to gauge where a client is at physically and emotionally. From how shallow or deeply you breathe, to how long it takes you to drop your rate of breathing once on the massage table etc. I’m guided to a map of your wellbeing. Create more awareness and be connected to your own life force and start to become aware of  how to use it as a guide each and everyday day.

60mins | $75 | Notes included

A lot of clients say they would like to be more still, centred and have more awareness and ask how they can start to tap into this state of being. It starts with small changes and easy everyday practices that you can incorporate into you daily routine. This may be through walking, intentions, mantras, sitting, or the breath or a combination of all. Find out ways you can begin to access these little ways of living more mindfully. It all starts with little step and beginning now!