By assisting our bodies to cleanse, detoxify and heal imbalances we are extending this kindness to the clarity of our minds too.

Holistic Ear Candling
30mins  $55 | 45mins  $75 

A gentle relaxing remedy to draw out toxins, bringing relief to ear conditions, sinus and headaches and brings clarity to the mind. Facial massage and drainage included  to enhance the effects in 45min treatment only.

Himalayan Bath
60mins | $135 salts 

Awaken the body with a gentle Himalayan salt exfoliation and removed with aromatic infused hot towels. Followed by a Tibetan singing bowl sound bath for clearing, centering and renewing your soul through higher vibrations.

Neti Pot
45mins | $65 | Handmade clay neti pot to take home $45

Experience and learn the soothing cleansing practices used for physical and emotional purification to bring a state of harmony by removing dirt, bacteria and toxins from the nasal passages and sinuses using warm water and balancing both hemispheres of the brain. Mini head massage too.

New Beginnings
90mins | $180

Experience a fresh rosemary and mint foot bowl followed by a full body dry brushing exfoliation, followed by a stimulating massage using grapefruit essential oil to assist the lymphatic system and rosemary for circulation.

Take home some Epsom salts to bath in to draw out toxins and some Hepburn Springs Water to assist hydration and flushing.