Would you like to be inspired  to tune into your own needs, allow space to be held for you to go inwards to nurture yourself, honour your friendships by coming together to connect, learn new tools to be kind to yourself.

I love having the pleasure of being able to create a workshop for 2-12 people. Please contact me with your intentions. 

"Sandi has a gift of tuning in to her clients needs. Her passion for improving lives with essential oils, breath work and meditation is very evident and inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and came away more knowledgable and confident about using essential oils for our own personal needs. Thank you Sandi! Shelly Harkness, Facilitator, Whanganui, New Zealand

Kindness Circles

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open for "Kindness Circles" to be held for women looking to bring daily self care rituals back into the rhythms of their life. Dates TBA


Nurturing Women's  Ocean Day's are held sessionally  for reflecting and nurturing. Offering the opportunity to be reminded of what it feels like to be held and supported, by having your needs meet and honouring yourself through self-care. Nature walks, beautiful spaces to hold you, food to nourish your soul, yoga, medicine from the sacred feminine ocean and the personal insights you will be guided to throughout the day is such a beautiful offering to yourself. 

"Amazing. Nurturing. Empowering. Something I have not done in seven years, but feel like I want to continue doing more regularly as it has given me so much and opened a well inside me" Social worker, Ballarat