"I loved my massage experience with Sandi. I found her presence kind, empathetic, attentive and professional. When I arrived Sandi greeted me with so much warmth and I felt very welcome. I immediately noticed the beautiful and intimate space Sandi has created and I was really looking forward to spending the next hour or so immersed in such a relaxing environment. During the massage I felt deeply nurtured and I could feel all the tension being released. Afterwards I felt very energised, peaceful, grateful and inspired. I highly recommend Sandi as a therapist"
Amelia, Daylesford

"The words I would use to describe Sandi, would be sensitive, strong, loving and nurturing. You are firstly welcomed in to her warm, calm and beautiful studio, she sits with you patiently listens to you describe how you are feeling. She then uses her knowledge and expertise to know how to put your words and needs, into a nurturing, wonderful massage. She also has an excellent knowledge in the use of essential oils. A wonderful nurturing experience in life."
Chris, Daylesford

"Sandi's genuine caring nature automatically sets the scene for the treatment that unfolds so perfectly. Sandi's ability to tune in and provide the treatment most suitable for my body has helped me work through challenges both physically and emotionally and her ongoing support, knowledge and advice is a true gift. Each treatment is as unique and nurturing as the space in which it takes place. Thank you Sandi for the amazing treatments and the origami!!"
Cleo, Woodend

Sandi has the gift of tuning in to her clients needs.  Her passion for improving lives with essential oils, breath work and meditation is very evident and inspiring.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and came away more knowledgeable and confident about using essential oils for our own personal needs. Thank you Sandi!
Shelly Harkness, Facilitator, Whanganui, New Zealand

"I have been seeing Sandi at Body Origami regularly for around 12 months mainly to manage my personal wellbeing. I have found Sandi's approach to be intuitive and attentive to my particular needs each and every time. I really like the personal touch and the ability to check-in and discuss things prior to the treatment. Sandi is a highly skilled practitioner and I would recommend Body Origami to anyone"
Joel Hines, School Principal

"Amazing little afternoon at Body Origami…stunning surroundings as I sat waiting for my treatment with Sandi. So much wildlife and so green and my treatment was incredible...the perfect way to spend my birthday afternoon...can't wait to get back for part two"
Ella Hope, Melbourne

"Sandi’s generosity of spirit shows in ever way. Its easy to get a massage these days, but to find a genuine healing touch from a genuine heart…very rare"
Han Tan, Yoga Teacher

I have just been fortunate enough to spend a morning with Sandi at Body Origami doing a workshop with a special group of friends learning about essential oils. Sandi took each of us through a process of choosing an oil, based upon how we were feeling and allowing our intuition to choose which oil we needed. I discovered beautiful new oils that I could not wait to add to my growing collection. Sandi imparted such a depth of knowledge in such a gentle manner.  She generously shared her daily rituals and her ‘top ten’ oils and uses.  There were also a couple of short meditations and a soothing cuppa.  What an amazing morning. I appreciated the time that Sandi spent in preparing for our group, from a lengthy discussion around our needs to a warm welcome to Daylesford. A real treat for our ‘Girls Weekend’.
Alison Scott, Perth Hills

"Having worked in some of the most awarded spas in Australia and Europe over the last 15 years, I have worked with many natural therapists, some have strong work ethics and depth of training, some have welcoming smiles and presence, others have treatment styles that are enjoyable to watch and unique experiences to receive, few therapist have all these traits, Sandi Jones does"
John Ielo, Myotherapist

"I first discovered Sandi at Body Origami with the intention of having a massage to de-stress from a busy work schedule. What Sandi in turn created was a whole body treatment leading to significant ongoing positive change in my general health, direction and approach to life. Through the integration of her holistic therapies, combining breathing techniques, the development of mindfulness and of course her brilliant massage. Sandi has put in place a system which I can build on with the added bonus of creating a wonderfully rewarding experience. As a skilled Yogi Sandi also complimented a series of exercises to further help me maintain my wellbeing into the future."
James Browne, Musk

"Sandi gave me the most incredible massage I have ever had. She was sensitive to my needs/stresses and vulnerabilities. It was all driven by me, so I chose the scent used and Sandi followed. The hot rocks were amazing. She worked on areas that I chose. She may look petite, but those hands are powerful! I felt completely relaxed, self-assured and like I had been listened to when I walked out of her gorgeous little space." 
Mim Morgan, Bendigo

"I love a good massage so when I booked myself in to see Sandi I was so excited to find see exceeded my expectation’s, she’s amazing! From the experience of walking into a secret garden, to a relaxing foot bath to Sandi’s energy, I felt at ease and comfortable before getting on the table. The balance the firmness to touching exactly the right spots, I released and felt Sandi knew the rhythm of my body. Best massage I’ve ever had and highly recommend her healing hands to anyone"
Melina, Wise Old Seeds, Macedon

"What a beautiful way to begin our holiday-an hour with you! Floating out of here feeling incredible! Thank you"
Sarah and Cathy, Warricknebeal

"I love the whole experience of visiting Body Origami. I feel like I get so much more than just the massage - it’s a holistic treatment and a sensory delight. I come away feeling completely refreshed and renewed. Thank you so much Sandi, I always know where to go when I need a lift….and a shift. You are amazing!"
Jess Eve, Lyonville

"My experience with Sandi at Body Origami was blissful to say the least. Not only did I receive the best massage I have had in a very long time but Sandi took time to ask about my general well being and address any issues with the most excellent advice, knowledge and awareness. I left her haven feeling renewed, refreshed and nurtured. I also took with me her words of wisdom that have continued to inspire me to lead a more holistic and balanced daily life. Thank you, Sandi!"
Dr Anne Loveband

"I recently visited Body Origami and I was delighted that a boutique spa experience existed in Daylesford! I didn't want to go to a "BIG" spa. The Body Origami studio is situated in a beautiful garden setting in an artist’s hub right in the center of town. From the moment you walk in Sandi takes away all your day's stresses and starts the treatment with a foot soak and aromatherapy oils suited to your mood. I left feel amazing and wanting to come back as soon as I could. I can't recommend Sandi's massage skills enough and the overall experience you'll get from Body Origami - it's a hidden gem."
Karen Toscano, Ocean Grove

"The attention and care given during Sand’s treatment is second to none, making you feel looked after and nourished in every way. Her wisdom and experience, coupled with her genuine intent to heal and uplift, results in the most luxurious and nurturing experiences you will come across. Thank you Sandi"
Nadeeka, Cairns

"Sandi’s experience and knowledge along with her warm and nurturing nature ensures a beautifully connected and individualised treatment. After a treatment from Sandi I felt balanced, relaxed and restored"
Sarah Leeworthy, Yoga Teacher

"A treatment with Sandi Jones of Body Origami is a beautiful enriching experience. Sandi listens deeply to individual needs, works intuitively and holistically. Her hands are small and delicate, yet healing and powerful. Body Origami is a beautiful, safe and nourishing haven. I loved being wrapped up in fluffy towels into origami and can't wait for my next experience. I would highly recommend Sandi to anyone wishing to explore the magic of her massage"
Sarah Hines, Daylesford





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