Choose a ritual that supports and balances your wellbeing – a state of being healthy, happy and content:

Peace of Mind Ritual
75mins | $135

Be taken on an aromatic journey of the senses that bypasses the mind by allowing your body to pick an essential oil to balance your emotions. The oil is then incorporated into a massage and guided breath work. Take home a spray bottle infused with your essential oil for a little peace of mind everyday.

Gentle Grounding Ritual
60mins | $125

Using the beat of a hand made drum to align you with your centre, we then bring the energy down into your feet with a hot footbath, foot scrub and foot massage to ground you firmly into the earth. Leaves from Wombat Forest or from the surroundings of your home can be used to smudge and open you into treatment. A bottle of Sandalwood Hydrosol is given to take home to spray for grounding.

Sleep Soundly Ritual
75mins | $155

Remind your body what is feels like to be in a place of deep relaxation by having a massage that is performed rhythmically to bring the rhythm of the body down to a state of stillness. Support your new rhythm at home with Magnesium Tissue Salts and a sleep enhancing tea.

Be kind to yourself
90mins | $165

Experience all the things you wanted to do for yourself at home, but instead held in a quiet and safe nurturing space. Select your own herbs for a cup of tea and foot bowl, your own aromatherapy oils and what kind of massage you would like. Indicate the areas of your body you would like me to focus during the massage. Then go home feeling nurtured with your own spray bottle infused with essential oil and epsom salts.

Body Origami Wellbeing Ritual
2hrs | $190

Allow us to create an individual treatment that uses a combination of massage and natural therapies. This package includes personalised notes on how to nurture yourself beyond the session and a chosen essential oil spray to further support your journey. Also included is some beautiful origami paper with instructions for the practice of mindfulness.